General conditions of Sale

Version 1.1 - effective October 27, 2023

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General conditions of sale


These general conditions of sale (“General Conditions”) regulate the commercial relationships for the sale of goods and services between  Sda Technologies srl  (“Sabrina Shop”) and customers.

These General Conditions apply in the case of orders addressed to Sabrina Shop and placed by customers by:

- website (“Website”)

- email
- telephone

Placing an order on the Website and forwarding it by email or telephone imply full acceptance of these General Conditions.  
Any other agreement is excluded, unless agreed in writing.

These General Conditions do not apply to orders placed via the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a platform on which sellers selected by Sabrina Shop can promote and sell their products. Sabrina Shop makes the platform available to both selected sellers and professional users. Sales on the platform are made by selected sellers and not by Sabrina Shop itself. Further information on the Marketplace is available in specific sections of the Website.


To the extent permitted by law, Sabrina Shop is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct and/or indirect, deriving from the sale of goods and services.

3-Technical Information 

The technical information included on the Website is that drawn up by the producers of the products on sale. Sabrina Shop reserves the right to modify the technical information of the products at any time without having to give notice or other communication. The information contained in the catalog and in the Website, in particular texts, photos, graphics, illustrations and any software, as well as all trademarks, patents, utility models and copyrights, are the property of their respective manufacturers. Uses other than consultation and purchase of the materials contained in the Website and in the catalog are not permitted without prior written consent from Sabrina Shop or from the owner of the rights and/or copyright. Sabrina Shop produces the technical information and product descriptions with care, diligence and attention, but is in no way responsible and does not provide any guarantee in relation to any shortcomings, errors or inaccuracies contained in the Website or in the catalogue. Images are for indicative purposes only, customers are required to refer to the manufacturer's data sheet for details and features.


4.1  Orders are accepted only if placed via the Website, email or telephone (Sabrina Shop call center). Orders placed on the Website generate an automatic email confirming receipt of the order. The email sent automatically does not in itself represent confirmation of acceptance of the order. Orders are considered accepted only upon shipment of the goods. 

4.2 Orders of non-catalogue products and orders of products to be carried out through multiple and subsequent deliveries ("Special Orders"). 

If the customer refuses to execute the Special Orders and/or does not pay the relevant price within the contractually established terms (even for just one of the individual deliveries, in the case of orders with multiple deliveries), the contract will be considered terminated by law pursuant to of the art. 1456 cc

Furthermore, pursuant to art. 1382 cc, Sabrina Shop will charge the customer a penalty equal to 50% of the value of orders refused or otherwise not executed, without prejudice to compensation for greater damage. To this end, the customer hereby authorizes Sabrina Shop to definitively retain any amount paid by the customer to Sabrina Shop for any reason (for example, as a deposit), to satisfy Sabrina Shop's credit for the penalty due pursuant to this article.


All prices entered on the Website are to be understood as, depending on the case, list prices or personalized prices for customers who have agreed commercial conditions with Sabrina Shop. All prices are before any discounts or promotions. Prices and discounts may be changed at any time, without notice. The prices of some types of products may undergo sudden, even substantial, changes. In case of disputes Sabrina Shop reserves the right not to accept and ship the order. In any case, the price published on the Website at the time of the order applies.

6-Product Availability 

Unavailable items are highlighted during the order phase on the Website with a dedicated message. In any case, the final availability of each item is confirmed during order confirmation and shipment of the goods. If the customer sends a payment but for any reason the goods are not shipped, Sabrina Shop will return the amount due. 

7-Shipping and delivery verification 

7.1 Delivery times
STANDARD SHIPPING:  delivery times for Standard Shipping may vary depending on the item and are shown on the product page and in the order confirmation email. The days expressed in the delivery times are working days. In the event that delivery times are greater than 14 days, an estimated delivery date expressed in weeks is indicated.

EXPRESS SHIPPING : delivery in the case of Express Shipping will take place by air shipment in 1-3 working days from the moment the package leaves the warehouse. When the package leaves the warehouse, an email will be sent to the customer containing the link to track the package.

These times are guaranteed only for orders received by h. 2.30pm. Delays for delivery in "remote" areas and islands are possible. 7.2 Delivery costs Standard shipping  is free for all orders except for items where payment for shipping is expressly requested. The amount of shipping costs will be highlighted when checking out the online order. In the event that the order contains two or more products with different delivery times, the shipment will be split  WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS .

Express shipping has   a base cost of  €6.99 (VAT included) . Express shipping can only be carried out for certain products, further details are available during check out on the Website.  

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer must verify the integrity of the packages and their correspondence with what is indicated in the accompanying document.

Other  extra costs for bulky , cumbersome and/or heavy goods are automatically calculated during check out and highlighted in the information on the product detail page.

Sabrina Shop organizes the transport of goods by courier on behalf of the customer. 
Any request relating to transport must be made by the customer directly to the courier.    

STANDARD shipping is currently free for all items in the catalogue, except in cases where payment directly in the cart is expressly requested. If you need to receive the items sooner, you can select express shipping.

8-Customer Account and Reviews

Sabrina Shop maintains the user's account without transferring the information to third parties, except for the needs of contractual fulfillment. Your user account is subject to limitations and suspensions, which may also result in permanent termination of your account. If a user leaves a negative review, even following an order, the relevant account and any other that may be considered connected will be immediately suspended or blocked. We do not tolerate negative reviews being left online that do not reflect the actual experience with an order, and if a user feels satisfied in leaving a negative review, each individual case will be evaluated. Comments are often left regarding the work of couriers, who do not depend on us directly. This is why we urge you to communicate with us rather than leave a negative comment, this is not productive for anyone. We also inform you that every single negative comment will be evaluated legally to recognize any defamation or statements harmful to our company, which will eventually be legally prosecuted against whoever wrote them.
Since most positive reviews are not released, we have adopted an automatic review system for customers who have received the product and have no longer had contact with our customer service, and who have not complained of any post-sales problems. It is assumed that the majority of users, once they have received their order, have no interest in leaving a comment, they simply consider the transaction concluded positively and do not always feel the need to let other customers know, unlike when they instead 'it was a problem. The customer who has to complain about a poor service is encouraged to leave a negative review, while those who have obtained a satisfactory service will most likely not leave a comment. Precisely for this reason we have created a system for automatically releasing positive reviews, in order to demonstrate the success of orders. The user who received the order without problems and does not leave a comment will automatically contribute to growing a healthy feedback score for our company. The automatic comment, which is left by the system on behalf of the user  
within 2 days from the date of receipt of the order, can be modified within 30 days from the date on which it was published, to give you the opportunity to express your real opinion. Automatic release only occurs if there has been no voluntary feedback before the second day after delivery. If no judgment is expressed, there will be a positive judgment. 


The products sold by Sabrina Shop are guaranteed according to the warranty conditions provided by the manufacturer of the products themselves. The customer therefore accepts without reservation all methods of provision of the manufacturer's warranty. The prerequisite for exercising the right to the guarantee is that the defect has not been caused by improper use.


The goods supplied must be paid with:
- Credit card with Stripe - For a maximum amount of €3,000 (VAT included)
- PayPal - For a maximum amount of €3,000 (VAT included) also in installments

- ScalaPay - Divides the amount into 3 interest-free installments

- Advance bank transfer.

Cash on delivery, i.e. payment on delivery, is not foreseen under any circumstances.

Payments in installments 

You can pay in installments by selecting the PayPal, Afterpay or Klarna installment payment method directly during purchase.

If you buy with Afterpay you receive your order immediately and pay in the number of installments you have chosen. You acknowledge that the installments will be transferred to Incremento SPV Srl, related parties and their transferees, and authorize such transfer.

If you buy with PayPal you receive your order immediately and pay in the number of installments you have chosen. You acknowledge that the installments will be assigned to the Paypal company, related parties and their assignees, and authorize such assignment.

If you buy with Klarna you receive your order immediately and pay in the number of installments you have chosen. You acknowledge that the installments will be assigned to Klarna, related entities and their assigns, and you authorize such assignment.

For all orders placed using an installment payment method (Paypal, Afterpay or Klarna), additional time is expected to process the order which may take 1 to 3 working days longer than expected. This period will be added to the courier times.


Any other form of payment must be agreed in writing with Sabrina Shop.

In any case, Sabrina Shop reserves the right  not to proceed  with the shipment of the goods, even after receiving the order, for those customers who are "out of credit" or "unpaid" or with a "dispute still open". Sabrina Shop reserves the right, where it deems it appropriate, to ship the goods only upon advance payment. 


11-Obligations relating to the traceability of financial flows – Law 136/2010 

The customer - in the event that the order concerns the execution of a job subject to the scope of application of Law no. 136/2010, must comply with all the provisions of this law. The customer must pay for the goods exclusively by bank transfer and/or with suitable tools to guarantee full traceability of the operation.

12-Cancellation of orders 

12.1  Customers may request total or partial cancellation of the order before shipping the goods. Sabrina Shop reserves the right not to accept such a request, in particular in the event that the goods have been expressly ordered by Sabrina Shop from its supplier or customized at the customer's request.

12.2  Cancellation of the order or part of it - where possible - must be requested in writing by sending an email to: [email protected]

The order will be considered canceled only in the event of written confirmation by Sabrina Shop of the cancellation of the order.

12.3  Under no circumstances may the cancellation/cancellation of Special Orders be requested.

13-Right of withdrawal

In the case of purchases made by consumers, see the WITHDRAWAL section.

In case of purchases made by professionals, see the following section.

For purchases made by professionals, no withdrawal is permitted and therefore it is not permitted to return goods already delivered.

In the case of products affected by proven defects, the customer must contact Sabrina Shop at the email address [email protected] to agree on the possible return of the products.

In case of return of defective products with mass storage, before returning storage media (for example, hard disk drives, USB flash drives, mobile phones, etc.) it is necessary to delete all personal information and data contained therein. If the cancellation is not carried out, Sabrina Shop will delete all the data contained in such media, without assuming any responsibility towards the customer in this regard. 

14-Confidentiality and personal data

The personal data acquired by Sabrina Shop will be processed in accordance with EU Regulation nr.679/2016. For further information, see the privacy policy. 

15-Applicable law and competent court 

These General Conditions are governed by Italian law. For any dispute that may arise, the Court of Rome will be competent.

16- Communications 

For any communication with Sabrina Shop regarding orders placed, it is necessary to always indicate the reference number and customer number that appear on the invoice and delivery note. 

17- Modification of the General Conditions 

The General Conditions may be modified without prior notice. The date of publication on the Website will prevail. 



The rules established by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree 206/2005) apply to purchases made by consumers.

Consumers are those who purchase products for domestic use. Those who purchase in connection with entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activities are not considered consumers.

The following sections apply only to purchases made by consumers.


Consumers who are not satisfied with the product purchased can return it within 30 days without any particular reasons. The withdrawal period pursuant to the Consumer Code is 14 days but Sabrina Shop extends it to 30 days. The 30 calendar day withdrawal period starts from the day following receipt of the goods. To exercise the right of withdrawal, it is necessary to send an email to [email protected] with a clear sentence summarizing the decision to exercise the withdrawal.

Shipping costs for returning the goods are borne by the consumer.


Products purchased by consumer customers benefit from the legal guarantee pursuant to the Consumer Code. Sabrina Shop is responsible for any lack of conformity, already existing at the time of delivery of the products, which manifests itself within two years of delivery, provided that the product is used in normal, domestic conditions and in accordance with any care and use instructions provided. The warranty does not cover wear or improper use of the products.

Any complaints for non-compliance must be communicated to Sabrina Shop in good time with the description of the non-compliance. 

According to the provisions of the Consumer Code, the consumer customer has the right to restore, without charge, the conformity of the products through repair or replacement or, in certain circumstances, to the reimbursement of the price.


These General Conditions are governed by Italian law, without prejudice to any different prevailing mandatory law of the country of habitual residence of the consumer customer.

2. Any disputes must be resolved exclusively by the Italian judicial authority, the Court of Rome, without prejudice to the possibility for the consumer customer to assert his rights as a consumer in the European Union country in which he resides.

The European Commission also provides an online dispute resolution platform which the consumer customer can access by clicking here: