Shipping and Delivery Method

When you place an order on you can expect safe and fast shipping. That's right, we mainly use the integrated services of Amazon Logistics, a courier that delivers most of orders in 24/48 hours in Italy.

Amazon Logistics, leader in fast deliveries!

Not everyone knows that Amazon is not only a site that sells products online, but also deals with shipments, and we rely on the American giant to manage our customers' orders, some of which leave directly from their warehouses, where we previously we sent the goods we offer for sale. In this way we can guarantee fast and safe shipping at any time, just like if you were buying from Amazon with the Prime service, but without having to spend a single euro.

Delivery times may vary according to the article, in principle they are present on the article page. If you do not receive the product within the times indicated, something could have happened during transport, in which case there is no problem, we will simply repeat the shipment.

To better understand shipping times, below we have summarized the 2 main steps that take place during shipping:

Processing Time : This refers to the time our operators take to place the order through Amazon logistics.

Shipping Time : The time it takes for the courier to get from its warehouse to your delivery address.

These two circumstances combined determine the actual delivery time, for example if you order on Monday evening at 5pm, we will transmit the order to the logistics department within a few hours, which will process the order, making delivery possible even on next day. It is different if the order arrives on Friday at 5.00 pm, you will most likely receive it the following Monday. For some goods it takes longer, for example for shipments of heavy or bulky items, longer delivery times are expected. For example, shipping a large appliance could take 1-4 weeks. For these eventualities there will be a constant update to the customer.

In some cases, FBA can ship goods from other warehouses, even with other couriers, often the times are the same. Amazon decides itself where to keep our inventory, sometimes even moving the goods abroad. This may result in a longer delivery than the standard 1/3 business days delivery time, which can reach up to 7/10 business days. These are rare cases that are promptly reported immediately after the order is placed.