From our experience abroad a few years ago, when on the occasion of a trip to London we discovered the substantial differences between having a shop in Italy and one in the United Kingdom, we reasoned on what gave that extra gear that led to success. First of all, we have noticed how different the mentality of customers in general is, here in Italy it is frequent that activities are chosen based only on the economic factor, sometimes traveling several kilometers from the place where one is, and chasing savings which evidently count a lot every day today. All this fails if we consider that the time and resources to be used to reach the place where everything would have cost less inevitably lead to paying more! This behavior can only benefit large retailers, so how to survive with a small shop? We asked ourselves this question numerous times and we found the answer, at least as far as our sector is concerned, it works.

Abroad it is common to find  multi-brand businesses , or in any case shops where you are not specialized in just one sector, there are " off license " shops which are "small all-round shops", where you can find services and products of various kinds, and we were amazed when we learned that they worked 24 hours a day.

In our opinion, this business model can give you something extra, by selling alone you don't go very far, but by accompanying the business with other services you can offer a lot to your customers.

Hence our idea was born, to create a service center to satisfy many needs, starting from those particular "unresolved things" that often bring our customers to our attention. It can be anything, as long as you don't know how! For example, if you need to buy a microwave oven, you can decide to go to the supermarket or neighborhood shop, while you could order it online from us and receive it from us, saving money and without having to take any risk. That's easy, we guarantee the transaction and the matter is resolved. But if instead you have to send a package with a courier, where can you go? And if you have difficulty understanding how to submit an application to INPS, who can help you? And if you need to print a file from a USB stick? And if your cell phone broke and you need to fix it, where do you take it? What if your computer doesn't work like it used to? But if your daughter has her birthday and you want balloons for her party, where do you go? Instead, if you want to give a personalized gadget, where could you get it done? What if I want my picture on a wooden tablet? And do you know how many other questions can lead you to us? That's right, when they don't know where to go, our customers come to us. Even more so when they get to know us, they will never do without us. our customers come to us. Even more so when they get to know us, they will never do without us. our customers come to us. Even more so when they get to know us, they will never do without us.

All of this is our world, our business. We do many things, a little bit of everything. Sometimes it is even difficult to explain what we do, which is why there is a website and we have created flyers where we indicate all the main tasks